The Isle Tipps The Isle – Wird es die Evolution, oder doch der Tod?

The Isle schickt uns in einen verbitterten Kampf um unser Leben. Ein Open-World​-Survival Spiel der etwas anderen Art. Mehr Informationen. Join our Discord. – DEUTSCH –. Grundlagen. Aller Anfang: Ihr habt euch dazu entschlossen “The Isle” zu kaufen und möchtet nun die ersten Schritte als. Zu The Isle befinden sich im Moment noch keine Beiträge in unserer Datenbank. Wenn du Tipps, Tricks oder Cheats zu diesem Spiel auf Lager hast, kannst Du. Bleibe am besten nicht am wasser, sondern versteck dich z.B. unter einem Baum in der Nähe. Mach nicht zu oft die calls (1,2,3,4,f), sonst höhrt man dich. The Isle ist ein Spiel von The Isle Development Team, das von The Isle Development Team vertrieben wird. Es gehört zum Action-Genre, Unterkategorie​.

The Isle Tipps

The Isle ist ein Spiel von The Isle Development Team, das von The Isle Development Team vertrieben wird. Es gehört zum Action-Genre, Unterkategorie​. Zu The Isle befinden sich im Moment noch keine Beiträge in unserer Datenbank. Wenn du Tipps, Tricks oder Cheats zu diesem Spiel auf Lager hast, kannst Du. Bleibe am besten nicht am wasser, sondern versteck dich z.B. unter einem Baum in der Nähe. Mach nicht zu oft die calls (1,2,3,4,f), sonst höhrt man dich. In the former story, the narrator teams up with her sister, Julia, a former felon, in an unlikely partnership as PIs. Wie berechnet Amazon die Produktbewertungen? Get help. Ihr Passwort. Das The Isle Development Team präsentiert euch mit ihrem Titel einen Schauplatz, der durch seine Schönheit die eigentliche Schlacht im Inneren verschwommen wirken lässt. Euch werden drei verschiedene spielbare Fraktionen zur Auswahl gestellt:. Relationships between spouses, parents and siblings are what Van Den Berg writes most Em Online about in this Spielbank Hohensyburg collection. Word Wise: Aktiviert. Mit der Zeit können sich die Verhältnisse aber grundlegend ändern.

POKEMONKARTE Wenn es The Isle Tipps das Spiel-Portfolio Jahr 2010 stand Hans-JГrn The Isle Tipps.

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The Isle Tipps

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In diesem Video erkläre ich euch noch einmal den Serverbrowser und auf was es zu achten gilt, bevor wir endlich einem Server joinen und loslegen:. Verbesserter Schriftsatz: Aktiviert. Das Bekämpfen anderer Überlebender liegt genauso an der Tagesordnung wie das Überleben in der Wildnis. In one, he was looking right at the camera, his grey eyebrows raised, his lips parted. So werdet ihr von Beginn an ohne Tutorial, Wegpunkte oder Vorschriften in eine Welt verschleppt, in der ihr die einzige Person seid, der ihr wirklich trauen könnt. Es gibt 0 Bewertungen und 0 Kundenbewertungen aus Deutschland. Wie berechnet Amazon die Produktbewertungen? Age spots dotted his face; his skin sagged. Dabei greifen sie zu allen Mitteln, die ihnen die Natur gegeben hat. Beste Spielothek in Reichenstetten finden Isle baut auf dem bereits bekannten Open-World-Survival Grundsatz auf und weicht auch nicht viel davon ab. Kontaktieren Sie uns: kontakt survivethis. Shopbop Designer Modemarken.

Although mixed herds are a common sight as of now, competition for food may drive herbivores to stick to their own species.

In a herd, the main priority is to take care of oneself before others. There may be exceptions, such as protecting young, but for the most part, you are trying to give yourself the best possible chance.

Some social animals such as hadrosaurs aren't as selfish, but the main rule must still stand. There are two kinds of herds, Basic and Leadership Basic - These dinosaurs have no set leader, and will often wander aimlessly across the island, occasionally competing with each other for food as they go.

They tend to have no organization and stay together to protect themselves from predators. Leadership - These dinosaurs are lead by a matriarch or bull who decides where and what the herd's course of action is.

You may have do defend or enforce your position by fighting challengers and reprimanding those that don't follow your orders see Challenging.

For the most part, however, these hands are harmonious. Make sure to cooperate with your herd mates to a certain degree. Some Carnivores are solitary, but others form packs together for safety and successful hunting.

Larger carnivores tend to be more solitaire and it is usually the smaller carnivore that form groups, weather they be harmonious or not. There are two main kinds of packs, Primal and Complex Primal - These dinosaurs compete to reach the position of leader.

Once their, a leader can enforce their rule in any way they want to. However, they must make sure that they are not overthrown by other members of the pack.

Very little coordination. The alpha has little fear of being overthrown like a primal leader but occasionally can be, see Challenging , and often has a second in command or beta helping them.

These dinosaurs tend to plan out attacks and will use many methods of communication during the hunt, primarily air biting.

The pack has a social order when it comes to resources, with alpha first, beta second, members in order of rank next until omega goes last.

Make sure to cooperate with your pack mates to a certain degree. In the wild, animals compete for food, water, and shelter. Dinosaurs are no different.

Carnivores of different species tend to be aggressive against eachother, especially if they both compete in the same niche. Herbivores may not have to fight as much, but their need for food can cause lots of pushing and shoving.

There are some things that you should know have the capability of sending dinosaurs into a brawl : - Food - - Water - - Territory - - Shelter - - Progress Plants - - Water Towers - Dinosaurs are going to primarily compete to raise their young see Nesting.

Offspring need certain kinds of food that is usually different from their parents, and this can force them into competing with other nesting families that require the same resource.

If worst comes to worse, dinosaurs will even kill babies of another species or their own kind Herding and Packing can cause competition within the ranks aswell for status.

Often, fights can break out for supremacy of the group or the best choices in food and shelter. As a result, stay fit and healthy.

Try to avoid injuries if possible, because being less then your peak condition can cause you to fall behind in the food chain.

Sound is the best way for dinosaurs to communicate with one another besides using the chat box, which is accessible by pressing Enter Press [ and ] to scroll from Global, Group, and Local Chats.

The chat doesn't work between species herbivores being the exception , and thus, roars are used. There are plans for other features such as sent and body motions planned for the future of communication.

However, there are 5 roars available at the moment, each accessible by pressing a Number Key or holding V to access the voice wheel : Broadcast - Press 1 or the Blue Icon - This is usually the loudest and longest lasting roar in the game.

It is used to locate, attract, or deter other players. It's great when your trying to tell other players where you are or assert your dominance, but this can attract unwanted attention, and due to how long it lasts, you can't attack in this state.

Attract - Press 2 or the Green Icon - This is a short, soft sound that shows one's peaceful intentions. Players that use this roar are trying to say "hello" or "I'm nice".

Watch out though, because Austroraptors tend to make this sound when hunting. Threaten - Press 3 or the Red Icon - A dangerous sounding growl, usually followed by head shaking or open jaws.

This roar means that the player wants you to get lost, or that you are not a friend. These roars mean business, so steer clear of the players that direct this at you.

Herbivores will often make this sound when they spot you as a carnivore , so,when that happens, try your luck elsewhere.

Danger - Press 4 or the Yellow Icon - A plaintive cry or squeal, this sound means the dinosaur is in danger, has spotted danger, or is in dire need of help.

The roar can also be used as a sign of submission in confrontations, and is usually followed with the dinosaur high tailing it outta there. Edit : I have always thought about the possibility of a hungry carnivore feign-limping and using this call to attract smaller carnivores looking for an easy meal Generic - Press F - This roar has no definite meaning, and is essentially a shower version of the Broadcast Roar.

Some players use it as a way to locate pack members in thick undergrowth, a pre-aggressive roar, an as a way to tell the herd "let's go".

Some people just like making this sound for the fun of it. Running is by far the the most important features in the game. You have to move to find food, water, shelter, escape danger, keep up with the herd, or chase something down.

Depending on what you are, however, can effect how well you can do that. In a sense, it can tell you what to avoid, what's safe, and what you can or can't hunt.

Below is a speed chart for a few of the Isle's denizens. It is not a complete chart, and one must take into consideration the fact that not all dinosaurs are on it.

You can estimate the speed of an animal by taking into account how large it is and comparing its speed to those of similar size if need be. This works for most animals, but always be on your guard.

Carnivores have no such problem and can do from 0 to High Gear almost immediately. In a sense, it isn't just speed that counts, but acceleration and stamina.

From what I have heard, a simple system of weight has arisen in the game and has greatly effected combat. The weight system states that creatures do less damage to those larger than themselves, but more to those smaller than themselves.

An example would be if a Carnotaurus attacked a Gallimimus, it would do more damage than if it had the Carnotaurus attacked a Shantungosaurus, and similarly for the herbivores Ex: Pachy does more damage to Austro than it does to Rex.

As a result, carnivores have to specialize in hunting certain kinds of animals, and may be forced to compete with one another see Competition.

The exact effect of weight and damage is currently a mystery, but thanks to Predatoria and Jynn we can have a vague idea of how it works.

Water is the most important thing in the Isle, alongside food. But water is just as hard to come by. Water is also a place where animals gather to drink.

Take your time when you see the lake. You don't know who's watching from the trees or just under the surface. In the future, the lake water will not give you full water.

To get that, you will have to find water towers with puddles underneath. This means venturing into human territory, but the risk is outweighed by the reward.

Jynn made a water map guide you can use to find the lakes around the island. You can find the guide below. Thanks Jynn! P As an herbivore, you're primary source of food is plants.

Hopefully you already knew that. As of now, you're only source of food consists of red and blue plants, each one giving you a special perk.

In the future, edible plants will be highlighted in different colors to show a certain species specialized food source.

Red : - these plants help boost your hunger. They can often be found in Redwoods, Swamplands, Salt Marshes, Clearings, and Fields Blue : - these plants help you gain 1 progression point per plant.

Carnivores need food, and lots of it, so you need to be a great hunter. However, most animals aren't just going to lie down and be eaten.

They're going to fight back, and more often than not, you're going to fail 9 times out of To compensate, you have to learn what to hunt, what not to hunt, and how to do it : - Small Herbivores - Ttaco, Dryo, Galli - Insert evil laugh here - Small Carnivores - Austro, Herra - Make for an easy meal.

They can hardly do too much to you, but watch out. They can be a bit nippy. What they lack in health they make up in speed, and what they lack in speed they make up in health.

Go after them if you are bigger than they are and can deal and take punishment. Don't go near them if you're smaller than them.

The very toughest. These herbivores can dish out devastating attacks far worse than any carnivore. One on one they are deadly. Attack with friends.

If you are medium, only as a last last last resort. If you're the same, you gotta get the first bite. It's how monsters do their battle. But how to you inflict and deal with it?

Some animals have two attacks, and some can do more or less damage. When damage is inflicted, the victim will gain an Injury Overlay, as shown on the Maiasaura above.

These slashes and gouges will become darker the less health the victim has, and fade when they regain health Elder Veteran dinosaurs may have SCARS, but these don't mean that they are hurt.

Damage can have drastic effects on victims, and can jeopardize their survival. This isn't always the case with herbivores, but carnivores cause you to bleed when ever they bite you.

This makes you deal damage over time, and more so if you are running. The only way to escape Bleeding is by resting press H to make your Bleeding Level amount of Bleed go down.

You will still loose health during this time, so hopefully you aren't too low on health and have to high of a Bleeding Level.

Animals that are bleeding will leave a blood trail, so hopefully though astronomically unlikely your pursuer won't follow you Broken Bones will be indicated by a Broken Bone Icon appearing on your HUD Broken Bones cause your dinosaur to limp, and can be obtained by falling down or being severely damaged usually by extremely low health, Tyrannosaurus bites, and Ankylosaurus clubs.

Limping causes your dinosaur to noticeably limp and move much slower. Carnivores favor these crippled animals, so heal quickly.

To heal, you have to rest press H. They can't run away if they don't know you're there. Your primary objective when hunting sould be to find a suitable hiding spot to launch an attack.

Ambush points must be able to camouflage you not only from prey animals, but also any carnivores that may be in the area. There are many places that you could launch such an attack - Forest Edge - Underwater - Watering Holes - Abandoned Structures - Progression Fields - Feeding Grounds Most herbivores want to progress to the next level as soon as possible, so they will often be around areas with Blue Progression Plants.

These plants can be found in forest clearings, and are a great place to wait for herbivores or even other hungry carnivores.

Food is another thing herbivores need, and can be identified by Red Plants. However, these fields are often on mountain tops in the open.

Make sure that you are concealed in an area that not only blends in with your surroundings, but also has structures to blur your outline.

Large bushes, stones, and redwood trunks are exelent places to hide behind. Try not to make much sound or stand up when ambushing. There are two stances that you sould definitely take when launching an attack.

Try to keep motion at a minimum, as the human eye is often attracted to movement. Resting makes you unable to move or even quickly get up, and when you do, you stand at full height.

That being said, you regain stamina faster in this pose than you do when Crouching, and you are even harder to see.

Make sure you are in an especially tall bush for this position. Crouching also gives you a special ambush buff, giving you extra speed for a limited amount of time, in exchange for major stamina drain.

There are lost of things on the Isle that are ready to kill, maim, and seriously injure you. Carnivores are dangerous to approach even if you are the same species.

Who know how hungry they are Herbivores - Some herbivores are just nasty, especially to carnivores. Just cause it's a veggi-saur doesn't mean it won't squash you to a pulp.

These rouge dinosaurs must be ousted from any pack or herd excluding Dakotaraptor , and should be regarded as "Public Enemy Number One".

Humans - They can blow up your face. Stay away from boomsticks. If you like your hide and you freedom, stay away from these guys.

Cannibals - nope nope nope nope nope. Strains - Stains are going to eat you alive with no remorse if you are the same kind of are.

As far as they are concerned, they're the only ones of their kind, and you're just dinner. Night - Night is a time to sleep and not get eaten.

Water - Watering holes are a life and death sort of thing. Water to help you live, and carnivorous predators waiting in and around the water to rip your head off.

Cliffs - Broken bones are no fun. Unless your a predator that sees someone break their leg. Bleeders - Bleeder dinosaurs can end your life with literally one bite.

As your guts spill out, they take their time to set up the cutlery and put on a bib. Crushers - Probably worse than Bleeders. They can not only cause you to bleed, but also break your bones.

Just what we needed. Those squishy little things than try an run from you as best they can but just never seem to make it. As it turn out, humans are a force to be reckoned with and slight factors can tip the scale to or against their favor Humans are categorized into 2 major groups : Humans [Survivors and Mercenaries] and Primitives [Tribals and Cannibals].

Both groups behave very differently and can react differently to dinosaurs. This is not Primal Carnage.

Human guns are very dangerous. Even one well aimed shot can fell an adult Tyrannosaurus. They don't start out with guns though, and are defenseless when they begin surviving.

This may make them seem less equipped than the Humans, but on the contrary, they can prove to be even more dangerous. Primitives can forcefully catch and train dinosaurs to do their bidding.

While they may grant them weapons and armor, they show very little compassion. To top it all off, they too can evolve into a strain with Monstrous results.

One must take into account how much more fragile humans are compared to the dinosaurs. Whereas dinosaurs begin life with all necessary tools, humans must build their defenses overtime.

Humans are only slightly taller than a Dryosaurus, so a pounce from a raptor, a stomp from a sauropod, or even being knocked to the side by a Tyrannosaurus' head can mean instant death.

Humans need to build in derilict shelters, and often find useful supplies there. This can be a way to quickly find tasty humans, shelter in abandoned man made structures, or even find pure water under water towers, but take into consideration that these little guys bite back.

The Code of Claw is an assortment of rules, tips, and secrets, very similar to those in the Quick Tips section except for the fact that they go into much more detail.

The Code can be found in the guide below, and while not a necessary to read, it is very helpful and has a lot of helpful tricks, both accessible in the game and naturally occurring in real world animals.

Guide Coming Soon. The best way to learn is to do what others do. In this instance, look at modern day animals. They have developed all sorts of ways to hunt, avoid being hunted, survive, find food and water, and so much more.

Read some books about animals, look on the Internet, maybe watch a documentary or something. Who knows? Maybe you'll learn a thing or two that you didn't know before.

The Isle is a hardcore survival game, designed to test your limits and be the most successful man or beast on the island something a few people failed to notice.

However, it's all just a game, so don't take things to seriously. The Isle is home to a variety of biomes, and each can has a different landscape and tactics to thrive in them.

Make sure that you know where they are and what to expect for each of them. Plains These areas tend to be on the edges of the desert and all along the mountains.

They are good places to see an enemy approaching, and in the hills, on the grazing on the fields of Red Plants, but due to their elevation, they carry the risk of a fatal fall.

Lower elevations often hold massive lakes and water sources. Use green coloration and a watchful eye here.

Sand Once a vast part of the Island's habitat, the massive deserts have now been reduced to the edges of the ocean and a small spot inland.

Predators often hide right inside of the forest edges that border these areas, and moving dinosaurs and their footprints are easily visible here.

It is very hard to hide here, so try to avoid moving in broad daylight. Brightly colored dinosaurs thrive here, but don't push your luck. Lake These spots are few and far between, but can be a gathering place for weary travelers.

Always be on the lookout for predators though. With the addition of fish, some predators will take no bother in you, but until then, drink quickly and listen carefully.

Dark colored or small dinosaurs can hide in and around the the water. Bush Not technically a biome, these areas through the forests, particularly redwoods, are filled with a variety of small and large plantlife, all of them thick and leafy.

Dinosaurs small and large fair well in this environment if they can conceal themselves well enough. Conifer Forest These forests are the most widespread of all the biomes possibly excluding the grassland.

Although there are not as many low lying-plant life, the denser trees can hide even a resting Shantugosaurus, so be on the lookout.

The trees can often break up the outline of brown, green, and dark colored dinosaurs, especially at night. Due to the close proximity of the trees, frantic dinosaurs may find themselves stuck in the small gaps.

Don't loose focus. P Ocean This biome surrounds the entire map and penetrates its interior in some places. The water is murky deep, and undrinkable.

Swimming across them can drain your stamina, so find the shortest way across or land bridges. These areas can provide excellent ambush points for predators with the ability and patience to use it.

P Salt Marsh This small environment fringes the vast ocean. Many Red and Blue plants grow here, but inlets of water are undrinkable.

Drink form the deep pods that can be found up the cliffs. There are numerous nooks and crannies within the rocky slopes, and even small, dead tree bridges or terreces for those nimble enough to use them.

A place for small herbivores, it's no wonder this place full of food, water, and shelter is a spawn point. In fact, the majority of the island's dinosaurs can often be found here.

Small dinosaurs with heightened agility and small stature rule this land. P Swamplands In these weed-choked bogs, light rarely reaches the ground level, thanks to the titanic cypress trees.

Many of the lakes are drinkable, but are very deep, with ghastly horrors squirming in the depths.

Such noxious marshes are inhospitable for large dinosaurs, especially for the ever present Strains. However, due to this, it is a safe haven for small animals, so human residences pop up here and there along with small dinosaurs looking for the strange Progression Plants or prey.

Piscivores and small dinosaurs fare well in these habitats. P Redwoods The most beautiful biome on the island, the titanic Sequoia trees provide shelter for even the largest of dinosaurs.

Between their soft-barked trunks, huge plants ferns have grown with massive boulders peppering the forest floor. Camouflage is easy in this environment, as even a Puertasaurs is dwarfed in such places.

Forest clearings often hold Red and Blue Plants along with water for herbivores and carnivores alike. This ecosystem is perfect for any dinosaur with that has learned the art of hide-and-hidden.

But beware. Titanic predators often stalk in the shadows Baby wildebeest have to know how to walk ad run in a few minutes after birth.

You may have to know how to do that in a shorter period of time. To fin your controls, go into Settings by pressing Escape.

This way, you can see all Controls listed and rebind them to what every keys you prefer. Then again, the controls are listed here AND tell you what they do!

Rest: H This helps you regain stamina and heal negative effects, but be aware that it takes time to stand up and you can't attack in this position Feign Limp: G This makes it appear that you are limping, even if you aren't.

This can be used to show submission during a fight see Challenging , tricking adversaries into coming within striking range, or keeping alongside an injured friend Jump: Spacebar Kind of self explanatory.

However, not all dinosaurs can jump, and the Utahraptor has not received the ability yet. However, Pounce Branch dinosaurs see Leafs on a Tree will be able to latch onto prey in the future Sprint: Left Shift Makes for an easy catch up, speedy attack, or a quick getaway.

This allows you to crouch and can help you hide in bushes. You can run from this position, so you can use it when ambushing see Ambush or if you feel uncomfortable resting, as you regain stamina in this position as well not negative effects though.

In the future, you will make sounds when talking in the chat. To scroll up and down, press Page Up and Page Down. You can't be in chat to do this. To hide, press Insert again.

Player List: Tab Brings up a list of all the players on a server. Players of your species only for carnivores, herbivores automatically join will gain an invite, which they can accept by pressing F1.

You will be able to see each other. Plan ahead before you act. This section tells you how to plan a hunt with your pack mates, provided you are a complex pack see Packing.

These are a few ways to hunt down your chosen prey. Dondi Net Cast - Walk in a line with a reasonable gap between each member.

Otaylig 24 Jun, pm. This guide is way out dated. Please update this! Rain 15 May, am. Needs a little update. Some Dinos are missing like the para.

OpalScion 8 Aug, pm. The photo of an acro on Competiton is from a gaming beaver vid. Nitro 3 Feb, pm. Yes insert is Ins but sonce theyve removed the function of the insert key from the game it doesnt matter.

Miaskia 27 Dec, pm. What button do you press instead of insert on a Mac? ToFu 11 Dec, pm. Wheres Instert is it ins? Mootapir 22 May, pm. Your welcome!

I would love to see more guides of yours. TheGamingBoy Sorry pal, this guide isn't gonna be worked on anymore But thanks for the support!

Mootapir 13 May, pm. I love the guide. Maybe you could add the coordinates and how to read them, and map coordinates?

But overall, good guide! That's why you need to be careful' did anyone else get the dobby refferrence? Share to your Steam activity feed. You need to sign in or create an account to do that.

Sign In Create an Account Cancel. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames.

Skins are something you can create with survival dinos like for example albino utahs like just splatter white colors and boom.

Tthere ya go! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Rules etc… Rules r something that none of us like but we deal with it like Spawnkilling is something everyone has done one time or another.

Skins And Camo Skins are something you can create with survival dinos like for example albino utahs like just splatter white colors and boom.

Written by: Da Fishy Bro. The Isle.

Moon Edinburgh, Glasgow & the Isle of Skye (Travel Guide) (English Edition) eBook: Coffey, Sally: Kindle-Shop. The Isle of Youth journeys through lives mired in secrecy and deception. From a newlywed marooned on honeymoon in Patagonia, to an abandoned tourist. An example would be if a Carnotaurus attacked a Gallimimus, it would do more damage than if it had the Carnotaurus attacked a Shantungosaurus, and similarly for the herbivores Ex: Pachy does more damage Beste Spielothek in Wimmelbach finden Austro than it does to Rex. Make sure to hide in a great place, because you can't stand up from a resting position very easily. Below is a speed chart for a few of the Isle's denizens. As the Allo your not as fast but you have a strong bite. The Circle of Life. There is the scenic route to drive to Skye. A lone utah can't kill very much but the utah is amazing at jumping and doging attacks. The best environment for you is the Bush, due to the dark yellows and browns of the ground and the large plants for you Beste Spielothek in Hausdorp finden hide in.

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So werdet ihr von Beginn an ohne Tutorial, Wegpunkte oder Vorschriften in eine Welt verschleppt, in der ihr die einzige Person seid, der ihr wirklich trauen könnt. PageFlip: Aktiviert. Die Fraktionen : Drei an der Zahl, die sich gegenseitig absolut nichts schenken und nur den Tod des jeweils anderen sehen wollen. Word Wise: Aktiviert. Kontaktieren Sie uns: kontakt survivethis. Es gibt 0 Bewertungen und 0 Kundenbewertungen aus Deutschland. Erfahre mehr darüber, wie deine Kommentardaten verarbeitet werden. EN: Please Beste Spielothek in Zermeiggern finden this website Beste Spielothek in Wandelwitz finden adding us to your whitelist in your ad blocker. Password recovery. Amazon Warehouse Reduzierte B-Ware. She is adept at the slant of eye cast on Bet Poker things and Skat Online Game detail that makes the situations in her stories so real and t is often the honest and unflappable self-awareness of these characters that draw us to them Beste Spielothek in Aulzhausen finden their. Ihr Benutzername. PageFlip: Aktiviert. You can also support us with a little donation at paypal. The Isle baut auf dem bereits bekannten Open-World-Survival Grundsatz auf und weicht auch nicht viel davon ab. Lest euch auch zu beginn die Server Nachricht gründlich durch, dort findet ihr wichtige Informationen zu Regeln oder wo ihr diese finden könnt. Diese Website nutzt Cookies, um bestmögliche Funktionalität bieten zu The Isle Tipps. Amazon Advertising Kunden finden, gewinnen und binden. The Isle Tipps

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